Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more pics

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carson pics

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Almost Summer

Friends and Fam,
YES... it's been a few days since we last added things to this little website of ours. We've been busy, but No excuses. Carson is huge. The boy never stops to amaze us. He's sitting up and wanting to stand, laughing, jabbering. So, hopefully pictures are worth a few thousand words, since that's what you've really been waiting for:)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long... Time

Hey everyone! I understand if none of you check this page anymore, obviously "updating this page" was not one of my new year's resolutions. Well, all is well here. Carson grows at the speed of "Fast". He comes up with something new every week. A few pics and video will hopefully demonstrate that. Something exciting that has recently happened for our little church is the possibility of streaming our services LIVE on Sunday mornings and then recording them for later viewing as well - it's neat. check it our some time:



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carson - LIVE

Of course, everyone knows that babies grow and change so quickly... well, we're trying to catch those moments and savor them. So, we decided to let the man speak for himself, he's got alot to say, sometimes. Watching him discover himself and everything around him is awesome.






DEEPER (for a while he w9ould stop his jabbering whenI would whip out the camera, so I was trying for the sneak attack shot)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Year of Firsts

Of course, everyone that has kids can resonate with this thought... "Oh, it's his first (fill in the blank)...". So, that's what we're up to these days:). Carson is doing great, he is 14 weeks this week - seems impossible. He's growing and changing continually. I have to reminded once in a while that this is our child, we are parents; it all seems quite surreal still. He is doing a great job at "trying" to hold his head up, it's still a bit heavy for him.
Stacey and I are doing well - thanks to mom and dad Gordon we've beenable to get out on a few dates already. We often talk about keeping our relationship fresh even though our lives have changed with the arrival of the boy. We're loving being parents and experiencing this new chapter together.
Ok, here's my music recommendation for this time. By the way, for those of you who may not know me quite as well, I enjoy a wide variety of music; but I'm a big fan of the christian music scene, especially because it has gained some amazing artists in the last few years. I got this album in September, these guys are Shane and Shane, and the album is called Pages. These guys have deep and rich lyrics, awesome harmonies and a mellow/inspiring sound.